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My Health Journey


I grew up in Washington, DC in a family of doctors. My father was a General Practitioner who made house calls! My pediatrician as a little kid was my Uncle Warrick -- my mother's brother -- who lived right down the street. My father's brother, Howard, was a lung surgeon. My older brother John is a retired anesthesiologist who is the only person chosen twice to head the Columbia Hospital in Columbia, Maryland. A lounge there is dedicated in his name. My sister-in-law Grace is a retired nurse, the daughter of a pharmacist and the sister of a pharmacist.

Although I became a vegetarian in my mid-30's and went organic in 2000, my focus on holistic health really began when I met my acupuncturist, Dr. Chunyan Teng when she gave a talk at the Bronx Botanical Gardens in the late 1990s. Chunyan got my attention when she said that Western medicine uses toxic drugs and surgeries to suppress symptoms, but Traditional Chinese Medicine use herbs, acupuncture, and other non-invasive holistic means to resolve the causes of illnesses. I got Chunyan's card and visited her office. Several of the herbal approaches (like moxa) that Chunyan was using were nothing short of miraculous!

However, it would take several bad experiences (described below) with Allopathic Medicine to fully convert me!


Dr. Chunyan Teng: Traditional Chinese Medicine


Herbs For Severe Cough

When I developed a severe, prolonged cough, I went to a doctor at the New York University Hospital. He prescribed oral steroids which he assured me were perfectly safe -- not like the other steroids. He charged me $300. When the drugs made my bad cough three times worse, the doctor said he would put me on the other (dangerous) steroids and would prescribe drugs to counteract the side effects!

Instead, I went to Chunyan's office. At that time, she had rows of draws on the wall filled with dried herbs. Chunyan selected a variety herbs based on their healing properties. It was fascinating to see the shapes, colors, textures of the herbs and to smell them. It felt like the Earth itself was reaching out to heal me! Chunyan charged me $60 for five bags of herbs. When I made the tea from the herbs that night, the aroma filled my apartment. Once again, the difference in the experience of taking drugs and using herbs was profound.


With ONE cup of the herbal tea, my awful cough miraculously stopped completely on a dime! Chunyan later explained that the steroids were undermining my immune system -- making me more vulnerable to a wide range of problems! In contrast, the herbs boosted my immune system. So at 20% of the cost of Allopathic Approach, the Holistic Approach had been many times more effective and safer. I was impressed, but I still wasn't converted because growing up in an Allopathic family had left a deep impression on me.


Herbs For Severe Excema

When I developed a severe case of excema on my neck, I went to an MD on the upper East Side of Manhattan who charged me $500 for a 5-minute visit. He prescribed a dangerous drug that I knew enough not to take! So, back I went to Chunyan's office! Since she was in China, I was seen by one of her assistants who again made five bags of herbs for me. With ONE cup of the herbal tea, the excema was erased and my skin was completely soft and smooth! I was finally getting the message and being converted!

Chunyan is shown below with her husband Dr. James Kan who is also an acupuncturist and herbalist. This photo is from the slideshow at the top of the website I created for them in 2015 which can be seen on my Websites page. I took this photo at their apartment to use on the first website I created for them in 2004. I wanted a visual that showed that they are herbalists as well as acupuncturists.

Chunyan and James.png

Dr. Johanna Budwig: The Budwig Formula

Holistic Cancer Cure


By the time I discovered a breast lump in March 2004, I knew I didn't want to rely on the Allopathic approach. So, I went to see Chunyan. She had hired Dr. James Kan -- who later became her husband -- to work with her. The lump was benign. Chunyan, James, and I had a lot of fun going out for dinner, eating at their home, visiting shows, etc. I created my first (and their first) website for them. They LOVED it!

However, in August, Chunyan told me that the lump had become malignant and I had to see a surgeon. I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) which today is considered a "pre cancer" and is generally not treated. However, the surgeon warned that unless I had a lumpectomy and possibly chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer would inevitably spread, shut down all my organs, and kill me. So, I reluctantly scheduled the surgery -- but later canceled it because I just didn't believe in that approach.

After I canceled the surgery, I learned that Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany had won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. I also learned that Dr. Johanna Budwig created her Budwig Formula based on that discovery. Dr. Budwig was one of Germany's top biochemists, Germany's premiere scientist in oils, and one of the best cancer researchers in Europe, as well as an author. Her formula is a combination of Barlean's Flaxseed Oil and low-fat organic cottage cheese. Dr. Budwig used the formula to CURE hundreds of cases of cancer in the 1950s -- including "terminal" ones. The formula cures cancer because it oxygenates the cells.


The Budwig Formula TOTALLY erased the tumor in 4-5 months -- as confirmed by my last mammogram. I now use only thermography -- as shown further below. I don't advocate that others rely on the Budwig Formula as a cancer cure because my German doctor told me she had never seen it work for anyone else. Americans are eating a very different diet today from Germans in the 1950s. Chunyan felt that the approach worked for me because my vegetarian, organic diet has been pretty clean for years.

Dr. Johanna Budwig_Diet.png
Dr. Johanna Budwig_Quote.png

Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Health Coach Certificate

2005 -- 2006

In 2005-2006, I took a nine-week course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan and received my IIN Health Coach Certificate. Although my certificate authorizes me to charge fees as a "Health Coach", I would never charge anyone in that role since the course was just a series of lectures. However, I have been able to help family members and friends resolve some serious health issues because I do a lot of research that allows me to often understand what is needed and to suggest effective holilstic remedies.

Thermography, Frankincense, and Hemp

Elegant New and Ancient Remedies


When I discovered a breast lump in July 2015, instead of mammography, I chose thermography which became available in Manhattan in 2009. In October, Tammy Kohlschmidt, the thermographer at Thermography For Health, did the initial screening and explained that a second screening two months later would indicate whether the lump was growing -- and thus malignant. With the second screening in early 2016, Tammy confirmed that the lump was benign.

Tammy recommended that I apply doTERRA Francinsense Essential Oil in a Coconut Oil base to the lump twice a week for one minute. The lump has since shrunk about 99%! Tammy explained that Frankincense (the King of Oils) works well because it vibrates at a much higher frequency than the cancer. I documented that concept in my article on vibrational medicine which is on my Health Articles page. Tammy invited me to an Essential Oils class and I bought a doTERRA kit, several books, and three diffusers. I have published articles about Lavender, Rosemary, and Copaiba oils. My artilcle about Lavender Oil is on my Articles page.


I also used Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil which had just become legal in New York City and has little or no THC.


In 2018, Chunyan went with me to Tammy's second Essential Oils class. Chunyan has sent some of her patients to Tammy for Thermography. NOTE: I no longer use or recommend this thermography after seeing a video of the "reader" in California who Tammy uses to interpret the scans she does. 



Restoring My Teeth!

2015 -- Present

Tammy introduced me to Dr. Reid Winick, the holistic dentist whose office is in the same suite with her office. When I first developed periodontal disease decades ago, I asked my dentist at the time if there was anything I could do. He said there wasn't. No dentist until Dr. Winick had given me the kind of advice he has.


Dr. Winick recognizes the importance of nutrition in dentistry. When I first consulted with him in 2015 and he learned that I use a water distiller, Dr. Winick advised me to add Celtic Salt to restore the minerals that distillation strips from the water. Dr. Winick also advised me to use a HydroFloss and Rotadent -- which I do every day now. Dr. Winick does not use fluoride. The dental hygienist in his office uses Essential Oils instead. His office was the first to do a cancer scan for me.

When my restorative dentist, Dr.Zachary Papadakis, discovered a huge cavity in a wisdom tooth in February of this year and proposed a root canal, I began to wonder if there are holistic ways to heal teeth. When I read the book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox by Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue, I learned that Dr. Weston A. Price, the founder of the American Dental Association, used just nutrition to routinely reverse cavities in hundreds of his patients. I wrote the article Why You Need Vitamins D3-K2 Urgently! and it was published on the Natural Blaze site on April 16, 2019. It is also shown at the top of my Articles page.


I decided to try to restore the tooth as well as the developing cavities in my two front teeth. When I visited my dentist each month from March to July, he used a laser to monitor the progress of the restoration. He is excited because some reversal of the cavities has begun! He said I am the first of his patients to try to reverse cavities. He ordered the book because he was not taught in dental school that cavities can be reversed!

I learned that glycerine which is in all commercial toothpastes -- even the one I was buying from my healthfood store -- blocks the absorption of nutrients! Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, author of HEALTHY MOUTH Healthy YOU!, recommends Redmond Earth Paste toothpaste which I use now.


2018 -- Present

Turmeric 3D Saved My Knees!

When I watched an online docuseries in July 2018, one of the physicians recommended eating two ounces of dark chocolate every day. So, I started eating 1-2 ounces of 75% dark chocolate on August 1. On August 15, I almost couldn't get out of the bathtub because I had NO KNEES! They didn't hurt. They just weren't there! Since I had never had ANY trouble with my knees, that was a TOTAL shock. Fortunately, I was finally able to get out, get dressed and go to my PC. However, when I tried to get up to go to the kitchen, I again had NO KNEES!

Fortunately, I had ordered Turmeric 3D and 7M+ mushroom supplements a couple of weeks earlier with the plan to start taking them on September 1 for general health. Instead, I began taking them on August 15 -- and they FULLY restored my knees in 1-2 hours! Two days later, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes with no problem and walked home (45 minutes). About a week later, when I was about to leave in the afternoon, I realized that I had forgotten to take the Turmeric 3D which I usually take in the morning. Since I was in a hurry, I decided to take it when I returned. Not a good idea. I almost couldn't get back home because I couldn't depend on my knees. That taught me to ALWAYS take Turmeric 3D in the morning and 7M+ in the evening!

When I saw my dentist on February 26, he discovered a HUGE cavity that had not been there six month earlier. When he asked what I had been doing differently, I made the connection to the chocolate -- and stopped eating it. The cavity was right where I held the chocolate in my mouth! Research also convinced me that the chocolate was probably also responsible for the sudden collapse of my knees.

I believe that Turmeric 3D and 7M+ saved me from a wheelchair! When I watched the Organixxx podcast in which Dr. Daniel Nuzum explained the unprecedented triple fermentation process that Organixx uses for Turmeric 3D, I understood why it is so powerful. I continue to take both supplements now every day -- except the weekends. After watching a podcast in which Dr. Nuzum said to alternate taking the supplements for three months and stopping for a month, I am trying to work up to that now.

My article Why Good Supplements Are So Important! includes my testimonial and was published on the Natural Blaze site on May 2, 2019. See Organixx Articles.

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