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In 2007, my article about King Sejong of Korea won First Prize of $1,000 in a national contest.


In 2012, my article Hemp Can Save America and The World! won Second Prize in the Activist Post national contest.

In 2016, I submitted six articles to Activist Post.
Are You B12 Deficient? Why It Matters So Much! hit #1 on the "Popular Posts" (top nine articles for the week) where it remained for 12 days.


In 2017, I submitted 6 articles. Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) "Wonder Drugs"! hit #1 on the "Popular Posts".


In 2018, of the five articles I submitted, Why Sacred Geometry Matters So Much! hit #2 on the "Popular Posts" where it remained for 18 days.

In 2019, I submitted 24 articles to Activist Post and Natural Blaze. The 12 articles below published on the Natural Blaze site from May-October hit the Popular Posts -- and 6 of those hit #1!


Six of those articles (50%) hit #1 -- as highlighted below in yellow.

Articles_Popular Posts_12c.png

This is just a sample.  To read more  >>

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